Top Five Worst Acts of World Cup Player Violence

We’re talking on-pitch violence here of course. Whilst we’re perfectly happy to condone, applaud and revel in acts of mindless thuggery on the field, fighting off the pitch should be left to the boxing ring, not the stands. Make love not war! 1. Zinedine

Worst World Cup Penalties Ever

The agony and ecstasy of penalties, both in normal time and to decide a game, is all part of football, especially at the World Cup. The pressure is immense, the expectation a burden, and it really isn’t easy with so much at stake. Even

Oldest World Cup Players Ever

When most people get to a certain age they reach for their cap, pipe and slippers or perhaps start to enjoy things like gardening or crown green bowls, but not these old-timers: they were too busy competing in the World Cup! Roger Milla, Cameroon

Top 10 World Cup Goalscorers

Since the first World Cup in 1930 we have seen some great goal-getters and here we take a look at the top 10 scorers in the history of this great competition. 1. Ronaldo [] Before Cristiano there was another Ronaldo, the Brazilian striker who

Top 5 Most Annoying Players at the World Cup

Let’s face it, whilst footballers are among the most loved, adored and even worshipped people on the planet, it’s no surprise that lots of other people – normal people shall we say – might love the game but they sure as hell don’t love

Worst Premier League Signings of 2013-14

Transfers are some of the most talked about happenings in football, with rumours and gossip filling the back pages every day and deals being done for tens of millions of pounds. Managers and sides live and die by the transfers they make and it

Football Clubs With The Worst Behaved Fans

Some football clubs are nice and cosy. They welcome women and children and have fans who sing and chant good-natured banter that is gently mocking rather than overtly abusive. Then there are some clubs whose fans veer towards the utterly terrifying. Here are some

Biggest Rivalries in World Football

You might well think that the intensity of Bristol City v Bristol Rovers is hard to top but around the world there are some truly bitter, fierce and profound rivalries that almost transcend football. Whilst Everton v Liverpool is a great match, the “friendly

Most Valuable Players at the World Cup

There are some mighty fine players who are due to appear at the World Cup in Brazil this summer, many of whom carry astronomical price tags. Here we pick our Most Valuable World XI of the players likely to feature in the tournament based

Dirtiest Premier League Players of 2013-14

Sadly Luis Suarez wasn’t at his biting, snarling, racially abusing, snide-fouling best in 2013-2014. We blame wonder-psychologist and man-of-the-moment Dr Steve Peters; but not to worry, there were plenty of other dirty bastards working their dirty magic in this season’s Premier League and here