Best World Cup Goal Celebrations

The World Cup is one of the most watched spectacles in the world and the huge global stage, along with the intense pressure and pride of playing for ones country at the very highest level has led to some spectacular and highly original goal celebrations over the years.

Here we take a look at some of the very best…

Brandi Chastain

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Taking your top off isn’t the most original goal celebration in the world.

But when Brandi Chastain did it at the 1999 Women’s World Cup she launched herself into the media spotlight and onto the front pages of numerous global publications.

Roger Milla

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Cameroon’s Roger Milla was one of the best stories to come out of Italia 90, the tournament derided as one of the worst World Cups ever.

His exact age was a mystery but he was certainly at least in his late 30s but that didn’t stop him scoring four goals, each celebrated with his now-famous corner flag shimmy, his rhythmic wiggle putting Elvis to shame.


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Brazil’s Bebeto was the first player to do the now iconic rocking-the-baby goal celebration.

The forward was joined by his teammates when he scored against Holland in the 1994 quarters, just days after his wife had given birth to their child.

Stuart Pearce

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Okay, this celebration is a total impostor, given Pearce’s famous, bonkers celebration was actually in the Euros (England’s Euro 96 game against Spain) but how could we leave out one of the best ever English goal celebrations?

Having missed a crucial penalty in defeat at Italia 90 the pressure on Pearce was immense but his blasted finish unleashed six years of pent up frustration and “Psycho” went nuts, screaming in relief and joy.

Finidi George

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Or George Finidi as some people call him.

Another from 1994, the flying Nigerian winger scored a fine goal against Greece in a 2-0 win before bizarrely and inexplicably celebrating by pretending to be a urinating dog, cocking his leg near the corner flag.

Roland Sandberg

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Sweden’s Sandberg scored a fine goal against Uruguay in 1974.

Whilst his celebration might not be as out there as some others – just a few joyous leaps and a well-executed forward roll – the fact it happened in the days when a gentlemanly handshake was more the order of the day, helps Roland onto our list.

Julius Aghahowa

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Aghahowa scored for Nigeria against Sweden in 2002 and whilst somersaults are not THAT impressive per se, the fact he manages six and a front flip is pretty special.

You won’t see Wayne Rooney pulling stunts like that.

Diego Maradona

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Maradona has scored some of the most famous and infamous goals in the history of the World Cup but there’s no escaping the fact he’s a total nut job.

In 1994, past his best and possibly high on cocaine, he scored a fine goal against Greece and his celebration – running to the camera, wild-eyed and giving Pearce a run for his money in the psycho stakes – is one of the best. It’s also worth noting that he failed a drug test after the game.

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